Beyond Stage One

I borrowed my site’s name from the brilliant author and economist Thomas Sowell. It is the subtitle of my favorite of his books, Applied Economics. I think one of the great weakenesses in society today is a diminishing ability to look beyond the surface level of any given issue. To think critically. To keep asking questions. To dig even when we have reached the conclusion we wanted to reach from the start.

The emotional reaction to anything is usually the wrong reaction.

”Ban guns”

”Buy out Bouwmeester”

”Tarriffs protect jobs”

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

I try to take this approach with topics that matter to me. This is, admittedly, an eclectic list. But whatever it is that sparks my interest- be it Constitutional Law, hockey, economics, jazz, and on and on- I want to keep digging. I want to pick things apart.  I want to go well Beyond Stage One.

Our ability to think beyond the immediate future and make decisions with long term benefits in mind is (supposed to be…) what separates us from animals. We should be constantly developing this muscle rather than following the societal trend of letting it atrophy.

This inaugural post of mine is short. Others won’t be. When a topic needs to be discussed, or when I just feel like it, we’ll dig deep.

Welcome to the blog. Let’s explore some things together and challenge each other’s critical thinking muscles along the way. Learning to think beyond Stage One is a process that never ends, and it never runs out of application.


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