Being an asshole

Pull up a chair and allow me to mansplain some things to you.

I believe that we now live in a society in which we have an intense desire to place every action, every behavior, every thing you can possibly imagine into a very minute and specific category.  I’d like to present the case that this is unnecessary.  But not just unnecessary- divisive.

As my opening line references, the political correctness police have created a term called “mansplaining”.  Yes, the same people who believe gender isn’t really a thing think this is really a thing.  There is no such thing. I’m going to keep saying thing….  What is a thing is what I like to call “being an asshole”.  And being condescending, patronizing, or talking down to another person falls firmly in this category.


Sometimes men talk down to women because they are women.  This makes them an asshole.  Sometimes they talk down to everyone.  This also makes them an asshole.

There are other examples.

Domestic violence?  Toxic masculinity.

Violence against a minority?  Hate crime.

The above meme is an actual quote from the former Vice President, an uncharacteristically funny line from his monologue on SNL (Jim Downey and Robert Smigel can make anyone funny).  So, while we’re talking about this ignorant blowhard, remember back with me to his failed campaign in the year 2000.

Al Gore, running for President of the United States as the nominee of the party of racism, divisiveness, and fear mongering, and all other manner of outright lies, ran an advertisement (via the NAACP voter fund) featuring the daughter of a black man who had been murdered by white supremacists.  In this advertisement, the woman made the following statement:

“When Governor George W Bush refused to support hate crime legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again.”

With all due respect to a woman who went through something unthinkable, that’s one of the biggest crocks I’ve ever heard.

The victim of this crime was murdered by three men.  Two of them received the death penalty, the other was sentenced to life in prison (as of the time of this writing, one has been executed, and the other is on death row having lost yet another appeal in early 2018).  These are the harshest penalties handed out in the American justice system.  Distinguishing a murder as a racist murder has no value.

Why do some want things divided in these terms?  It’s simply because there are those who benefit from and build careers on divisiveness. If we stop thinking in these terms, these useless activists will have even less perceived value to society than they do now.

A murder is murder.

Being condescending toward someone is being an asshole.  The reason that you’re being an asshole, whether it be because of that person’s gender, race, education, job, or any other reason, does not matter. It simply means that you are an asshole.

Stop compartmentalizing people.  Stop trying to fit everyone into a category.  People are complex, the world is complex, and we have more divisiveness right now than we can deal with.  End this particular form.


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